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Benefit For Renters

Convenient Price Comparison

Can compare prices and products from a single source rather than spending time contacting each supplier


We provide a level of trust as we only deal with exclusively verified suppliers

Time Saver

Your time is valuable, so we’ve streamlined the equipment rental process

Rate & Review

We are determined to earn your trust through using our rating and review system. We use only exclusively verified suppliers


Find all types of rental items from Excavator to evening dress to SLR cameras within one roof for short to long term.

Benefit For Businesses

Get Discovered

We will put you in touch with verified borrower with far better accuracy than a simple web search will ever achieve.

Connect with customers

We provide an additional sales channel to market and rent your items. You will have access to a huge audience without having to generate your own traffic.

Grow your business

As our certified supplier, you will optimise rental profitability, reduce your overhead and grow your business


YBY is one of a kind marketplace that provides access to the largest selection of rental equipment.

Finding niche rental equipment for a specific job or event can be challenging. Sourcing rental companies can be time consuming and inefficient.

We are B2B and B2C rental marketplace, our goal is to make sourcing from several renters as easy as possible. We support high-quality vendors from several industries including Audio, Visual, Musical, Clothing, Tools, Sport and Travel hire companies.

If the equipment could not be found in our one-stop marketplace, our promise to our customers is to fulfil your requirements by sourcing the vendor within 48 hours of the request being submitted.

We want to do the heavy lifting so we can let you stay focused on what you do best!